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Turtles All the Way Down - John Green

When I was little, I was very different. I didn't believe in Santa clause, leave a tooth under my pillow for the tooth fairy, and I definitely didn't believe in happy-ever-after's. My mom didn't raise me in a cushioned life where true love's kiss was the answer to everything. No Alexus, you're not going to be a princess. No, a man will not sweep you off your feet and pamper you for the rest of your life. You need to work, and sometimes life will kick you around. I grew up believing in nothing that didn't have had tangible evidence of existing other than my religion, and even with that I was real skeptical. To this day, I still don't really like watching movies or reading about ridiculously sugar-coated love stories. I like reading about books that may not have a happy ending, because not every ending in the real world is ideal. 

     This, dear reader, is why I chose to do my most recent book project on John Green. I love that he understands life isn't always in your favor. He understands that sometimes life will tease you with happiness and rip it away.

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For example, in The Fault in Our Stars, it seems like an unbelievable love story, and most other writers would continue that idea and end it with Hazel being cured so they can spend their lives together until they grow old. Instead, not only did he end the love story, but he did it in the most unexpected way.

      I'm fourteen years old, and as I grow older I watch my friends who were raised in that cushioned world have to face problems their parents shielded them from, so the damages are much harder to receive. I'm so happy my mom sort of crushed m dreams before the world could, as sad as that sounds. Authors like John green however, expose these heartbreaks through literature. I am now reading his newest book Turtles All the Way Down because my amazing best friend got me a signed copy as a gift, and I can already tell this will be yet another great book.